Is your Kitchen OPEN for fun?

Hmmm.. I hear you silently sigh to yourselves! Wont that get a little it messy and then the children walk off and leave me with the all the cleaning up......... No acctually it wont if you apply the old adage- start as you mean to finish! Once the cooking is done, the children can then learn how to clean up and wash up all the utensils used. Job done- fun had together.

When I was growing up and I watched my Mum cook- she on her kitchen side of our modest bench and me staring wide eyed at what she was doing, on the other- I decided that when I had my own children, we were all in this cooking thing together. Funnily enough, I kept to my word and my children and I spent many hours baking, licking the beaters, and making playdough over the gas cook top. We laughed, chatted, got flour everywhere and had a wonderful time in the kitchen. This experience was to be repeated years later with other children who came to our house to stay and the smiles on their faces told the story.

When we can say to our ourselves that the time investing in our children while in the kitchen is more important than having a perfectly clean kitchen then we area well on the way to understanding that relationships matter more! Teaching our children to cook is a life long skill that stays with them forever. Due to illness in my family, I missed this opportunity and had to learn much later in life which was harder to do. This is the reason I wanted my children to know that the kitchen was a space that we could all enjoy and learn some things at the same time.

I really encourage you parents out there to give this a go if you haven't already. I would be very surprised if you don't enjoy it yourself and treasure the time you spent together!

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