The Secret of the Dinner table

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

The humble dinner table often brings back memories of laughter, debate, and family time. It has been a place that families have enjoyed for centuries but what has happened? Has the secret of the dinner table been lost?

I would say yes without hesitation. As the modern family has changed over the decades, so too has this very important place of meeting.

The dinner table was a place where meals were served, manners learned and conversation had. It was a place of intimacy for families- a place to gather and connect. However, modern life has changed this. Home cooked meals have been replaced with take-away and the dinner table replaced with technology. Family members can often be found eating in separate rooms in front of technology or meals eaten on the run as a fast paced life has overtaken quality time together.

The secret of the dinner table can be reclaimed and the intimacy of being together and talking can be restored once again. What is the secret- connection with each other. When we can slow down as human beings and restore the dinner table time, we will once again enjoy laughter, conversation, and togetherness. The meals don't have to be

a la carte by any means and the table not overly set, just sitting and eating together is the key. Give it a try and you will discover how beautiful it is to reclaim this precious place in your home!

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